And Goonies never say die. But B.o.B.’s sometimes fall down and go boom. And curse their newly purchased bicycles. While friends look on uncomfortably.

Egads! The clips on the bike are a strange and scary new thing for me. And yes, I fell. First time out folks. You can’t make this stuff up. (I did this yesterday after what was a great weekend. I got to see Red and my 20 mile long run was damn near perfect.)

Let me just say that I was sooooo embarrassed and frustrated that I may have shed a few tears and felt completely humiliated. Granted, me and the bike have a shaky relationship at best so this didn’t really help. (Dolly’s name might change to Bruiser.) I feel awful that I made my friends feel bad since they were there to help, but to be quite honest I was already in a weird mood so the tears were hard to stave off.

Basically, I did what all first time clip users do. I clipped in and fell over. Fortunately, I didn’t seriously hurt myself other than bruise my booty and ego. Navy Steve, Cay-SEE, and Little J assured me that this happens to everyone. But to further make myself feel better I came home and found this online from Bike 101:

“OK, we’ll finally answer the BIG question. Once you get used to clipless pedals, the chances of coming to a stop before exiting your pedal (and thus falling over) are greatly reduced. BUT…chances are, in that first day or two, you’ll forget that you need to twist your heel out (instead of pulling back) to unclip. By the time you recognize your mistake, it’s too late, as you’ve lost all forward speed. And, with no place to go but down…you get the picture. You will, in very slow motion, and nearly always with people around to see it happen, fall over. You’re not likely to get hurt, but it’s terribly embarrassing. And most likely there’s nothing that makes you so special that you’ll avoid the fate shared by just about everyone else.”

Needless to say, this does make me feel better, as did the stories from Navy Steve and Cay-SEE about their funny falls. I’m still nervous about the clips and have decided to wait until after the Ft. Lauderdale Marathon to test them out again. No sense in getting hurt before my run.

In other news, I have to take Dolly back to the shop because the rear derailleur sheared off right at the bolts. After my fall, Navy Steve was test driving Dolly and went to shift gears and that’s when it broke. It was so random. My bike buds said they’ve never seen this happen and the bike shop should fix it for free since the bike is brand new and I haven’t even ridden it yet. We’re certain the fall and the breakage are not related. Bikes fall constantly and aren’t supposed to just break like that. I’m trying not to look at all of this as a sign of impending cycling doom. And realize, of course, I’ll fall again. But I’m not a quitter and need to stop being so hard on myself. I will get this dammit!I’m very, very fortunate to have friends who are there to help and not point and laugh when I fall. Although, sometimes the pointing and laughing helps. I hope you are all enjoying your long weekends if you didn’t have to work. If you have any clip tips and/or fall down stories to help me feel better still, I’d appreciate them. Happy Monday!