As with any training, for any endeavor, there are highs and lows. I would be a robot if I could wake up at the Oatmeal’s “ass o’clock” and workout, shower, eat breakfast, commute to work, head home, workout again, hit the sack, and then do it all over again the next day without any emotion. I get tired. I have doubts. I compare myself to others. And sometimes, I give up a little. I’m human and I know these things are normal. I hate when I feel down and out, but again, I’m fairly certain it’s totally normal. (If it’s not, feel free to just leave me a comment about how I’m a freak. Haha.) As a word lover, I often find quotes and phrases can help get me through rough patches. You should see my Pinterest quotes board.
I read the quote below a bit ago on Erin’s blog and it really stuck with me.
I love competing. I’m a competitive person…but sometimes the thoughts of how others are training or racing can take a toll. This quote is a great reminder on keeping that joy on what you have accomplished regardless of what others are doing.
Today, as I got up to swim I was really tired. Shocking, I know. Who isn’t tired at 4:30 in the morning? I got to the pool and saw it was long course and debated getting right back in my car. I had 3,000 yards on my plan. Long course is 50 meters, which would put me at 3,280 yards, but I usually just stick to the numbers on my plan and get more bang for my buck, so to speak.
Anywho, as I began my warm up, I started feeling better. I got to my first main set of doing eight by 100’s and I kept thinking about the fight to get through each one and keep going. This quote helped me get through all 3,000 meters today:
I’m not a “big dog” so to speak but I fought for that swim this morning and I’m happy that Mark Twain had a little something to do with it.
Got any motivational words that help you along? Have a great Wednesday!