Here’s a little list (yay!) of things have made me say WTF this week. And it’s only Wednesday.
1. Government!?!? Not only have you cut people’s paychecks by being a-holes who can’t work anything out for the people who put you in office but you are now threatening to shut down a marathon that has gone on since 1976 and is known, ironically enough, as THE PEOPLE’S MARATHON. Get your act together Congress. You are embarrassing us.

2. Kid at track. Ok, so it’s all fine and good when I have to run my intervals with a kid. Who is maybe 11 or 12. Who falls behind me for every. single. interval. Except the last one. Of course. For which I am dropped like a bag of dirt. Thanks a lot you little sandbagger! Here I am telling you to focus on my back and then that last 400 I can barely see yours! It was pretty hilarious actually.
3. Swim start blocks at the University of Tampa. Why are you so effing high? I don’t remember you being so high last year. I’m going to epic belly flop before my events on Saturday. Oy.

4. Sea water bacteria! I have to swim in this crap? Guess I better make sure I don’t have any open wounds. Yikes.
5. This whole thing. Calm down people. There are photos like this all over the Internet. I can certainly see both sides but I don’t really get the ire. Then again, maybe I’ll get some ire for just saying that…
And that’s all I got. So far….
Happy Wednesday ghouls and goblins!