One of the best things about having a blog is that you can actually look back at a lot of momentous occasions that you have captured in that blog. And so in my typical list loving fashion I’ve compiled a list of highs and lows from 2010. My lists include some running stuff as well as some personal stuff. I can’t look back on my year and leave either out.

So in no particular order…my 2010 year in review….

The Lows

1. Hm. How do I say this one…uh…boy trouble? Lol!

2. Run thru Hell 5K. It was exactly as it sounded. Hot as hell. I was sucking major wind and for a 5K it sure felt a lot longer.

3. Squirrels. Those sneaky little buggers insist upon playing chicken while I am on a bicycle.

4. Senseless loss of an old friend.

5. Pretty much the entire Gator football season capped off by Urban Meyer leaving Gainesville.

6. Marine Corps Marathon. I felt like poo from mile 10 on. I knew it wasn’t going to be my day.
This is quite funny as I type up the list of lows…I can’t think of more than six. Hahaha! I didn’t see that coming. My 2010 wasn’t too bad, all things considered.
2010’s Highs

1. Turkey Trot 5K PR in which I did not need to throw up after and won a silly little bet…

2. A first ever age group award at the 5K I ran with Hollster all the way back in March. I almost forgot about that race!

3. Ragnar Relay team came in 2nd place when we just set out to be 1st in fun.

4. Hanging out at the beach with Red & Spike during the summer.

5. The Summer of B.o.B. commenced with trips to NYC (love ya Auntie Pam!) and Key Largo. Both amazing trips and ones I’ll never, ever forget.

6. GASPARILLA MARATHON!!! Thus far, this has been the best race I’ve ever run. Full support on the course from my family and my running family, the BRA. Plus, I felt as good as James Brown. Haaow!

7. I got a promotion at work.

8. Completed my first triathlon. It was scary as hell but I’ve got to do more!

9. Big Sis got married. It was an amazing celebration and I now have a very sweet Bro-In-Law. (Plus, he flies planes! How cool is that?)

10. Marine Corps Marathon. Yes, it’s also on the list of lows, but it is a great lesson about how I deal with ish when it doesn’t exactly go my way and that they can’t all be PRs.
That’s all for me for 2010 folks! Have a very Happy New Year and be safe out there. Catch ya in 2011!