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Whoa. It’s been a full week since I blogged last. I guess this has become the norm as I haven’t been a very steady blogger as of late. I assume this is what happens when you’ve been blogging since 2009. I’m officially a dinosaur in blog years. And if I had to claim which dinosaur, as much as I joke about my t-rex arms, I’m finding more and more in strength sessions that my legs aren’t exactly of the t-rex variety.

I remember as a kid hearing how strong typical women’s legs were (whatever the hell that means) and I remember seeing girlfriends squat and leg press a lot more weight than I could. I have always felt that my upper body, strangely enough, is fairly strong. I won’t say stronger than my legs, because, duh, they carry my body weight, but I prefer to do arm exercises versus leg exercises. I attribute some of my bike issues on lack of strength. I simply do not have a ton of power in my quads and butt.
And I find this butt and quad weakness funny because I don’t exactly have tiny thighs and booty. Nor, do I want that look. I like a good booty.
…But please don’t lose that butt.
So, like with anything, I gotta work on it. I’ve been trying to really think about firing my glutes when I run and I’m continuing my weekly strength sessions. I have trouble with squats and correct form still, and when doing long jumps today I was leaning forward and using my quads. Fortunately, Coach Jon’s ever watchful eye was there to correct me.

I’d love to have more power for both running and cycling. I watch my friend Lindsay during strength and admire how powerful she is. I see this translate into her ability to climb while cycling. She’s kind of a boss actually.

Anyway, I regret to inform you all that I skipped my sprint tri last weekend. I was feeling exceptionally tired the week prior and hemmed and hawed racing all week. The S.O. and Jon encouraged me to race but when I woke up race morning with a nasty headache, I took my cue from the universe and decided to be an athletic supporter. (I did get to meet a reader named Bob, HI BOB! Congrats again on your race!)

As per usual, the S.O. came in the top five overall and got an age group award. He’s kind of a big deal.

I am feeling peppier this week and am attributing last week’s general fatigue to lady problems. I’m feel much, much better this week and just looking over the numbers for July thus far, I have been hitting my runs and am seeing some small improvements. I did two workouts of quarter mile repeats and saw a few low seven’s, which is always nice.

Getting a little crazy with the gifs today.

I promise to blog a bit more and wanted to know if you all had any burning questions? Like there’s anything I haven’t already told you about myself at this point. Maybe race questions? Training questions? Oh and I joined Periscope. Lord help us all.

Peace out.