As I get closer to R Day (Race Day) my thoughts shift to strategy. Should I join a pace group or run Han Solo? Should I high five spectators or just focus on the run? Should I really wear thongs under my running shorts? Ok, the last one is a joke (of course I will) but I do need to lock down a game plan. Like a good game of Battleship, I need to strategize.

Then again, I could just, you know, run – a la Forrest Gump.

I also need some mental tricks to get me through those miles that seem endless and painful. For me, this usually happens around 20-24. At my last half I kept repeating “Strong. Powerful. Tough.” That seemed to help quite a bit. I guess I could always channel my inner badass. W.W.B.K.D? (What would Beatrix Kiddo do?)

(Anyone up for a jog?)

What other mental games can I play? Perhaps a little pin the tail on the runner in front of me? I’ll take suggestions please.

My goal time is 4:15, but I won’t be totally displeased with 4:30. It’s a marathon folks and anything can happen. I am mentally telling myself that no matter what I do, I will have run 26.2 miles and that is pretty gosh darn awesome in itself.

So readers out there, what are your best marathon tips and tricks?