Happy Tuesday guys and gals!

I am thankful that I got my last long run in on Saturday and while I still feel a phlegmy (sexy right?), I am in taper so I’m going to try to rest a bit more rather than get any sicker.

Right before I got sick I was sent a pair of compression capris from Zensah. I had to wait until it got a little cooler out and I was feeling better before I could give them a test run.

I must admit that they are tight, but in a good give-my-butt-a-hug way. And I went for my four mile recovery run in them on Sunday. My legs definitely didn’t feel as sore today and I know some people think that “compression” isn’t all that helpful but I definitely think that post long run or a tough workout the compression feels very nice. (The compression socks I have, which I have worn home from races always feel great!)

The fabric is moisture wicking and breathable and the only thing I didn’t like about the compression capris was the waist. I am so used to low-rise everything that the waist seemed awfully high on these. However, I did feel very 1950’s in them and pretended to be on Mad Men. Heh.

Here’s a couple of shots of the pants…and because I am jealous of all of Katie’s amazing butt shots, I threw one in for good measure.

I suggest heading over to Zensah and looking at the different options of running gear they have. You can get 20% off of the compression capris by using the discount code “CAPRI20“. It’s good until Friday! (If you don’t at least have a pair of post run recovery socks, I’d say give them a try.)

What do you think? Is compression for you?