Oh, hi there.

I’ve been absent for a minute. I know. I’m a lying liar who doesn’t keep resolutions. I didn’t stick to my posting weekly, but we already knew that was happening back in February. Good to say that resolution is dead in the water. I am however, doing pretty well with my fast food for 2018 resolution. While I have had fast food – it’s less than I can count on one hand and I don’t really feel the pull for it like I did before. Since it’s been a bit, let’s play catch up, shall we?

Since I left off way back in – OMG FEBRUARY!? I have a lot to tell you all. Here we go…

I turned 38.

I ran a 5K with my co-workers. We won for our category and, as the “office runner” I only had to kill myself a bit to be the fastest on our team. (If these people start training, I’m in big trouble.)

I ate wings with my favorite tiny dudes. We heart Hooters. I live near the original Hooters and it’s the best, IMO.

And I took a little trip to Boston to cheer on my boo with my friend Sylvia. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. JK. But it was cold for spectators too. Ha! I got some great shots of the pro’s, elites, and random best-day-ever-finishing-second placers while chilling, literally, at mile 20. BIG shout out to Heartbreak Hill Running Company who let us all hang out inside to watch Des finish on their TV. If you live in Boston go buy a bunch of stuff from them.

I am from Florida. Do not judge my random clothing. At least I match the banner.

Celebration dinner at Fleming’s did not disappoint. I pretended to have also run and ate my weight in steak and french fries. So….no fast food, but there’s a trade off there….

Boo did great. He ran a 3:09 and lived to tell the tale of the coldest Boston in three decades. I’m really proud of him. And of course, everyone else who finished – or didn’t to be honest, it was craptacular weather. I am thrilled I got to be there the year Des Linden won, which I’m sure you know all about by now. Unless you live under a rock. As per usual, Boston again fueled my fire for a faster marathon. Which leads me to…

Today! The start of race week! I’ll be racing the St Anthony’s Olympic Distance triathlon this Sunday. I haven’t raced an oly tri in a looooooong time. I admit, it’s not a distance I am fond of (similar to my feelings on the 10K). I am however, excited to race and have an athlete I coach coming to stay with us from DC.

I’ve been training fairly well. I haven’t been as consistent as I or my coach would like, but I am just over cycling. I have been really trying to enjoy it, but somewhere within the last few weeks, that bubble burst and I just don’t want to ride my bike anymore. In looking at my training, I have been riding since before last October in preparation for that last 70.3. So while it’s not been a ton of volume, it has been there. And well, I’m just not into it. It feels forced. And yes, I’ve been through this many, many times. The thing that gets frustrating is wanting to do all the things and do all the things well and I just don’t have that talent. I’m not sure anyone does, but I know, for me, I need to focus on either running OR triathlon. And after this weekend, I plan to focus on running again. I’ll still ride and swim and maybe throw in a sprint tri or aquathon again but, I really just wanna run.

I think what I’m coming to terms with is how I identify as an athlete. Am I a triathlete? Am I runner? Can I be both? It’s tough to say. But I do know that I operate best when laser focused on a goal. And that will be the Chicago Marathon. I’m pumped to be running Chi town and that I have a ton of friends heading up there as well. Plus both Syliva and Jen (the Redhead) live there!

I do have the Flying Pig half marathon after St A’s and I’m really looking forward to that finish swine. Get it?

I sorta promise to write more often, but you know how a lying liar is lying? Her lips are moving.